The Cow Wash

The Cow Wash is a new cost effective solution to managing tick borne diseases using a very innovative way of applying various disinfectants in the market.

Management of tick borne diseases has been quite a task, especially treatment and application of various disinfectants in the market.

We have locally developed a powerful, economical and efficient spray race with specially designed nozzles that can be adjusted to spray at various angles. This ensures that the animal is thoroughly sprayed from all sides and a simple filteration system safeguards the whole system.

The volume of disinfectant used per animal is much lower compared to conventional methods of Cattle Dip and Hand Spray Pumps. As the animal is drenched more thoroughly with the spray race, this becomes quite an economical and effective solution comparatively.

As an added advantage, the animals are not traumatized as they are not bound in any way and is quite and environmentally friendly procedure.

The spray race can be used for any number of livestock. An average of 4 litres per head of the disinfectant and water mixture is used to calculate the amount required per spray.

The spray race can be assembled on site with the help of a detailed assembly instruction booklet.

Request for a free DVD copy showing the application and the spray race in action or watch the video below.

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